We Can Assist You in All of Your HVAC Needs for New Construction

Our goal is to get your new construction HVAC equipment installed and running correctly as soon as possible. We have pride in our highly-trained team of comfort specialists and offer comprehensive HVAC services. You can count on Wickenburg Air to service all of your new construction HVAC needs.

The type and size of the new construction HVAC system you select will be dependent on a variety of factors, including the home’s size, layout, and structural configuration. It will also depend on your local climate, which in the Wickenburg, AZ area, averages a little over 100 degrees in summer and can drop into the low to mid-30s in winter.

Here at Wickenburg Air, we have the expertise to help you assess comfort preferences, determine the best new build AC system for your summer comfort and combine that with the optimal heater/furnace setup to ensure warmth in winter.

Needs Assessment & Central Air New Construction System Sizing

Once you’ve selected an HVAC system to install, our knowledgeable new-build AC and furnace design consultants will handle the calculations for properly sizing your system. We will then work closely any contractors or others who are involved in the new construction project to thoroughly assess the parameters within which the system’s layout will need to be configured.

The next step will be designing the system’s air or water distribution system in a way that maximizes planned structural features.

New Construction HVAC Installation Services in Wickenburg, AZ

After the sizing and design of the central air new home comfort system have been completed, the project will move into the installation phase. As soon as the system’s components are ordered and delivered and the system’s ductwork fabricated, our installers will plan and complete the installation based on the construction phase and timeline determined. We have worked on many such projects over the years, helping local homeowners by skillfully installing an HVAC system that’s thoroughly compatible with the type of home.

Let Our Design & Installation Specialists Do the Job Right

To ensure the best possible new construction HVAC design and installation in the Wickenburg area, count on Wickenburg Air! Let our experts bring you the professional HVAC services that will help make your new construction build go smoothly. We serve the towns of Wickenburg, Wittmann, Wenden, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Salome, Aguila and surrounding communities.